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Massachusetts Election a Tragedy and People Should Know Why!

My blog readers already know I am a big believer in healthcare reform and they also know Rubinhealth.com is not about politics.  It’s about explaining to people how our current healthcare system works today and how it would work tomorrow after reform.  I have been very upfront that there is enough in the current versions of the House and Senate Bills for everyone to hate.  I have said that because it is true.  The bills are far from perfect.  I have also said, and I believe it to be true more today than ever before, that doing nothing is far worse.  We have between 40 and 50 million uninsured Americans in this country.  There are 25 million more who are underinsured and most of these people do not even know it until they get sick.  16% of all money spent in this country is on healthcare and that cost is growing every year making healthcare more unaffordable to many.  Yet somehow this message was lost during the debate on the bills.  The public became frustrated and now the Senate lost it’s 60 seat majority.  Healthcare reform is once again in serious jeopardy of failing.  More so today than ever before.

Our politicians let us down with the convoluted and highly political negotiating process.  They fought and could not find a way to work together and craft a bill that would put this country on a path forward.  So instead of getting a bipartisan bill, we got a democratic bill that had no republican support.  The fighting got worse, the horse trading to get votes became distasteful, and the public became sick of the process.  In the end, we forgot what this whole reform was about.  This country has lost a great opportunity to fix our severely broken system.  We could have addressed the bad/flawed parts of the bill after we passed this initial legislation.  Instead the future is as cloudy and unknown as ever before.  Sadly, more and more Americans will lose their healthcare insurance, file for more bankruptcies, and fall victim to pre-existing conditions and unaffordable healthcare.

What a sad day it is for all of us and I am still not sure we all fully understand why.  I hope those who are against the current bills never become victims of the very system they thought they needed protect.

Healthcare reform & why we need to discuss it.

Welcome to RubinHealth.com and thanks for reading my first “blog” – it’s a term I have never really felt comfortable using, but I find increasingly important in the current healthcare reform environment.   This is our Beta launch of the site so please give us some time to work out the kinks.  Over time, if this works and we see people engage in the conversation, we will add increasing functionality – stay tuned!!!  If you have questions or are confused, please post us a question.  We will read them every day and aggregate the content to answer the questions – hopefully solving your problems or explaining what healthcare  reform is all about.  For those of you who know me, listen to my radio show on Sirius/XM Doctor Radio, or have seen me on TV, you will know a few important things:

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