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Here are some of the types of questions RubinHealth has received since the passing of the recent Healthcare Bill.  This is a complex topic that many people have questions about, so feel free to email us or call into Dr. Radio on Sirius Radio – Thursdays between 12 and 2 EST- at 877-698-3627, and hopefully RubinHealth can help you understand what matters most to you.

Q: Where can I access the new health reform law document for my own reference? I know it is out there but where?

A: has good information and links to the bills, as does


Q: I have an individual insurance policy with no coverage for brand name drugs, but I do have coverage for generics. Next month my premium will increase, but I can not drop it due to some health problems.  I’m interested in finding out if I will receive a subsidy to help out with my premiums.  When would those subsidies scheduled to begin?

A: Those subsidies will be available in 2014.  Unfortunately, it will take that long for this program to get set up. If for some reason you have to drop your insurance because you can no longer afford the premium and you do not have coverage for at least 6 months, you will become eligible for the high risk pool – those details are not yet worked out so keep checking back. The bad part is you have to give up your insurance for 6 months which I would avoid doing at all costs.  Sit tight, although 2014 seems far away, it will get better.


Q: It was my understanding that when the health care reform bill was signed, dependent coverage of children up to age 26 would be effective immediately. Is this not true?  My employer says this is not so.  Please help I have a 21 year old daughter that I had to drop from my policy due to her age.

A: The legislation states it’s effective 6 months after the date the bill was signed into law – so the dependent coverage will start at the end of September – that being said, many employers have decided to start right now but that remains the employers options.




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