Nothing in Life is Perfect

I think it is fair to say most people have good days and bad.  Some are just average.  I also find it very hard to believe there is anyone who can honestly say that life is perfect.  As most of us know, nothing is perfect. While many of us strive hard to do the best we can in whatever we do, maybe even trying to be perfect, it just does not happen often, if ever.

My question to anyone who reads my blog or cares about reforming our healthcare system, why should we expect or demand a perfect bill.  Nothing, including a bill, is perfect  In fact, our own US Constitution, the principles on which our nation was founded is not perfect.  It is for that reason we have amendments to clarify what may have not been fully understood or intended when the Constitution was first written.  However, I would argue the US Constitution was a pretty amazing starting point for America. Even in these exceptionally difficult times, with the economy in crisis and the world fighting terrorists, this is still the greatest nation in the world – at least I believe it to be true.


One of America’s less than perfect sectors is healthcare.  Clearly, we all know it is severely broken.  We have a President who is willing to challenge the status quo and try to tackle the healthcare system problems that have plagued this country for generations.  But guess what:  the bill is not perfect.  It includes new taxes, vague cost controls, lacks many important details, and takes a long time to solve many current problems Americans face today.  The fighting in Washington is only beginning.  Since healthcare represents 16% of our economy and is far more complicated than even the most sophisticated people can truly comprehend, why should we expect the bill to be perfect in order for it to pass?  The Republican party is using this “flawed bill” argument as one of their heavy weapons to derail reform.  Listen to me clearly, my political party affiliation is irrelevant.  My choice for president is irrelevant.  I believe we need to reform the current healthcare system and we need to focus on striving to get the best bill we can in Washington passed. It will be less than perfect but far better than what we have today.

Too many people are falling into the healthcare hole –trapped in financial ruin and lacking access to the highest quality healthcare in the world.  We can and must do better.  Do not let perfect be the enemy of the good.  We will have many years to keep fixing the healthcare system.  As I have written many times before, we have a long road ahead of us.  Healthcare reform is too important to fail now more than ever.  I work in this industry and see the struggles every single day.  I talk to people on the radio who are trapped.  Remain vocal in your support and  do not be fooled by the fighting in Washington. Nothing is ever perfect.

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