Month: May 2011

Medicare Plan for Payments Irks Hospitals

By Robert Pear, The New York Times

WASHINGTON — For the first time in its history, Medicare will soon track spending on millions of individual beneficiaries, reward hospitals that hold down costs and penalize those whose patients prove most expensive.

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Under an Arizona Plan, Smokers and Obese Would Pay Fee for Medicaid

By Timothy Williams, The New York Times

Arizona, like many others states, says it is no longer able to adequately finance its Medicaid program. As part of a plan to cut costs, the state has proposed imposing a $50 fee on childless adults on Medicaid who are either obese or who smoke. In Arizona, almost half of all Medicaid recipients smoke; while the number of obese people is unclear, about one-in-four Arizonans is overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The state’s plan must ultimately be approved by the federal government. Monica Coury, spokeswoman for Arizona’s Medicaid program, discusses.

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Senate Republicans stand by plan to overhaul Medicare

By Paul Kane, Amy Goldstein and Peter Wallsten, The Washington Post 

Senate Republicans on Wednesday stood by a GOP plan to transform Medicare, one day after the party lost a conservative House district in Upstate New York amid a strong effort by Democrats to make that proposal the central issue.

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Medicare key to shocking Dem win in NY House race

By The Associated Press

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Kathy Hochul told her supporters they had picked the right issue to fight a Republican on long-held Republican turf.

The Democrat rode a wave of voter discontent over the national GOP’s plan to change Medicare and overcame decades of GOP dominance here to capture Tuesday’s special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District.

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Experts defend Medicare board

By Sarah Kliff, Politico

The much-maligned Independent Payment Advisory Board finally has some champions.

One hundred health policy experts and economists sent a letter, obtained by POLITICO, to congressional leaders early this week urging legislators to back off their many attempts to repeal the health reform provision.

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