Month: January 2011

List of eligible FSA expenses for 2011

Acne treatments (over-the-counter)
Adoption (medical expenses related to)
Alcoholism treatment
Allergy & sinus medicine and products (over-the-counter)
Allergy medication
Allergy treatments and products
Ambulance and emergency health services
Anesthesia (for non-cosmetic purposes)
Antacid (over-the-counter)
Antibiotic ointment (over-the-counter)
Aspirin or other pain reliever (over-the-counter)
Asthma medicines or treatments (over-the-counter)
Athletic treatments / braces
Bandages and related items (over-the-counter)
Birth control (over-the-counter)
Birth control (prescription or other)
Blood pressure monitor
Body scans
Canker & cold sore treatments (over-the-counter)
Chest rubs (over-the-counter)
Childbirth classes
Chiropractic office visit or treatment
Christian Science practitioners
Cholesterol test kits and supplies
Co-insurance (dental)
Co-insurance (medical)
Co-insurance (prescription)
Co-insurance (vision)
Co-payment (dental)
Co-payment (medical)
Co-payment (other)
Co-payment (vision)
Cold & flu medicine (over-the-counter)
Compression or anti-embolism socks, stockings or hose
Concierge medical fees (billed for actual services received)
Condoms and spermicides
Contact lenses, cleaning solutions, etc.
Contraceptives (prescription or over-the-counter)
Corn and callus remover (over-the-counter)
Corneal keratotomy
Cough drops & sore throat lozenges (over-the-counter)
Cough syrup (over-the-counter)
Counseling (for treatment of a medical condition)
Crutches, canes, walkers or like equipment (purchase or rental)
Deductible for dental plan
Deductible for medical plan
Deductible for prescription plan
Deductible for vision plan
Dental care (for non-cosmetic purposes, including sealants)
Dental co-insurance
Dental co-payment
Dental reconstruction (including implants)
Dentures, bridges, etc.
Diabetic monitors, test kits, strips and supplies
Diagnostic services
Diaper rash ointments and creams
Drug addiction treatment
Drugs (prescription)
Dyslexia treatment
Ear drops & wax removal (over-the-counter)
Eye examinations
Eye related equipment/materials
Eye surgery or treatment to correct vision
Eyeglasses (over-the-counter)
Eyeglasses (prescription)
Fertility monitor (over-the-counter)
Fertility treatment (for employee, spouse or dependent)
First aid kits (over-the-counter)
Flu shots
Gastrointestinal medication (over-the-counter)
Guide dog (dog, training, care)
Hearing aids and batteries
Hospital services and fees
Incontinence supplies
Infertility treatment (for employee, spouse or dependent)
Insulin, testing materials and supplies
Laboratory fees
Lactose intolerance (over-the-counter)
Lamaze classes
Laser eye surgery
Laxatives (over-the-counter)
Learning disability treatments
Lice treatment (over-the-counter)
Listening therapy
Mastectomy-related special bras
Medical abortion
Medical co-insurance
Medical co-payment
Medical equipment (for treatment of medical condition) and repairs
Medical monitoring and testing devices
Medical records charges
Medical supplies (for treatment of a medical condition)
Medicines (over-the-counter)
Medicines (prescription)
Mileage (for travel to / from eligible health care – $.165 effective 01/01/2010 and $.24 from 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009 per documented mile)
Monitors & test kits (over-the-counter)
Motion & nausea
Nasal sprays
Nasal strips (over-the-counter)
Non-prescription drugs and medicines (for non-cosmetic purposes)
Norplant insertion or removal
Nursing services (wages and taxes)
OB/GYN fees
Occlusal guards to prevent teeth grinding
Occupational therapy (related to a medical condition or disability)
Office visits (chiro)
Office visits (dental)
Office visits (medical)
Office visits (psych/therapy)
Office visits (vision)
Operations (for non-cosmetic purposes)
Optometrist / ophthalmologist fees
Organ transplants (recipient and donor)
Ortho keratotomy
Orthodontia (braces and retainers)
Orthopedic and surgical supports
Over-the-counter acne treatments
Over-the-counter allergy & sinus medicine
Over-the-counter antacid
Over-the-counter antibiotic ointment
Over-the-counter aspirin or other pain reliever
Over-the-counter asthma medicines or treatments
Over-the-counter bandages and related items
Over-the-counter canker & cold sore treatments
Over-the-counter chest rubs
Over-the-counter cold & flu medicine
Over-the-counter cold & flu prevention
Over-the-counter cough drops & sore throat lozenges
Over-the-counter cough syrup
Over-the-counter (eligible medical)
Over-the-counter health care products (eligible)
Over-the-counter medication (including for motion sickness, sleep aids and sedatives)
Over-the-counter for dental, oral and teething pain
Over-the-counter vision products
Ovulation monitor (over-the-counter)
Pain reliever (over-the-counter)
Parental fees (billed for actual services received; charged by the State of Minnesota for disabled children)
Physical exams
Physical therapy
Pregnancy tests (over-the-counter)
Prescription co-insurance
Prescription co-payment
Prescription drugs (for non-cosmetic purposes)
Psychiatric care
Psychologist fees
Radial keratotomy (RK)
Reading glasses (over the counter)
Removal of benign mole, cyst or tumor
Sales tax, shipping and handling fees (for any eligible expense)
Smoking cessation (programs / counseling)
Smoking cessation drugs (prescription)
Smoking cessation gum or patches (over-the-counter)
Speech therapy
Student health fees for dental services (billed for actual services received)
Student health fees for medical services (billed for actual services received)
Student health fees for prescriptions (billed for actual services received)
Student health fees for vision services (billed for actual services received)
Sunglasses (prescription)
Sunscreen with SPF 30+, sunburn creams and ointments (over-the-counter)
Supplies (for treatment of a medical condition)
Surgery (for non-cosmetic purposes)
Teeth grinding prevention devices
Therapy (for treatment of a medical condition)
Toothache and teething pain reliever (over-the-counter)
Transportation, parking and related travel expenses (essential to receive eligible care)
Tubal ligation
Urological products
Varicose vein removal surgery
Viagra and similar prescription medications
Vision co-insurance
Vision co-payment
Vitamins (prescription)
Walking aids (canes, walkers, crutches and related supplies)
Wart removal treatments (over-the-counter)
Wheelchair and repairs
Wound care (over-the-counter)
X-ray fees (dental)
X-ray fees (medical)

* A doctor’s note is only required for the non-eligible over-the-counter medicines.


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