Month: August 2010

A Call for Action

A federal judge today decided to allow a legal case against the healthcare reform law to proceed in the courts. By not agreeing to dismiss the case the judge, Henry Hudson of federal district court, has basically said Congress exceeded its authority when passing the healthcare reform law’s individual mandate. This mandate requires all Americans to carry healthcare insurance. I am not really interested in the politics behind the decision but it is worth mentioning Judge Hudson was appointed by President George W. Bush.


Here is what is important. Like it or not, we will never be able to make sure all Americans have health insurance and its associated protections unless everyone is in the system paying premiums. The old, the young, the healthy, and the sick. Everyone has to participate. Yes, it is a tax. Yes, it allows the government to tell us we all have to do something we may not want to do. It is the only way to make sure the system is in balance. Healthcare represents 16% to 17% of our economy. It is far too big, expensive and complex to propose simple and easy fixes. It requires radical change. Change that says we all have to pay into the system for the good of society. Yes it is hard and difficult to implement but we cannot back away from our responsibility to help those who need access to healthcare and simply cannot afford insurance (or seeing their doctors).


After doing my radio show each week with Allison Vogel and Matt Penziner for 2 years, listening to good and hard working Americans suffer, I am no longer willing simply say “sorry – that’s how it is” – we can do better and we must. Many will ask, what can I do? You can continue to make sure you vote for those who support and supported healthcare reform this coming November. Send a message that the status quo will no longer do. As I have said before, healthcare is not political. I am not a liberal although many will accuse me of being one. I am a believer in good healthcare and access for all Americans. To me it is about sensible solutions to a very big and complex problem. We have a choice. Make it known.


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