Month: August 2009

Your Life, Your Choice

We have all been hearing about death panels and how the democrats are going to kill grandma – while the sources appears to be coming from conservatives, there is no question it has confused many Americans who associate themselves as moderates or liberal.  It is simply too confusing to understand.  The latest salvo comes from the head of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, on August 25, 2009 referring to a 10 year old Veterans Administration pamphlet called “Your Life, Your Choices: Planning for Future Medical Decisions” whereby he claims the document encourages veterans to commit suicide.

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What does healthcare reform really mean?

My dear friend Lisa asked me Friday where she could find simple to understand information on what healthcare reform really means and how it would actually work for her and her family.  I told her to check out my blog every day as I post new information and thoughts on what is happening in Washington and around the country.  In spite of what you see on television, hear on the radio, or read in the newspapers, right now there is no real answer.  It is not because the bills in Congress have no information, it’s because of a few very important factors:
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Keep the healthcare conversation going

Veronica De La Cruz, Healthcare Reform Advocate, is speaking at the Unity Walk and Rally for Healthcare Reform in times Square Saturday, August 29 at 3 pm.

Yesterday’s Healthcare Connect radio show once again showed how confusing healthcare reform can be for so many – my favorite call started out with a question:

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Senator Kennedy’s healthcare quest

On Wednesday, August 26 the United States lost a true champion on healthcare reform, Senator Edward Kennedy. I am not going to tell you I knew him personally nor will I profess to have followed all his legislative abilities in the Senate – that is being done by his friends and colleagues both in this country and around the world.  Here is what I will tell you, …

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Why is this government insurance plan option so important to the democrats?

Over the past few days I have been saying the ultimate goal of healthcare reform is to both insure all Americans and provide more efficient/cost effective healthcare.  I have also told you Congress was ultimately going to pass legislation that achieved these goals but the ultimate delivery system for the insurance was not as critical – whether it be a government plan, a healthcare co-op, or the private sector.  I believe with strong regulation any of these options will set us on a path towards achieving universal coverage. Read more

Health Co Op, Governmental Plan or Private Insurance — does it really matter?

There is so much confusion and misinformation with the public over what will happen to our healthcare system if we implement a public plan, health co cops, or leave the private insurance industry in place — what if I told you it does not really matter in the end?  In future blogs I will better define how each of these insurance delivery systems work and don’t work – what makes each option work efficiently and inefficiently – but for now, that’s not the point — here’s why:

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Healthcare reform & why we need to discuss it.

Welcome to and thanks for reading my first “blog” – it’s a term I have never really felt comfortable using, but I find increasingly important in the current healthcare reform environment.   This is our Beta launch of the site so please give us some time to work out the kinks.  Over time, if this works and we see people engage in the conversation, we will add increasing functionality – stay tuned!!!  If you have questions or are confused, please post us a question.  We will read them every day and aggregate the content to answer the questions – hopefully solving your problems or explaining what healthcare  reform is all about.  For those of you who know me, listen to my radio show on Sirius/XM Doctor Radio, or have seen me on TV, you will know a few important things:

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Andrew Rubin

Andrew Rubin

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Andrew Rubin is an expert on the business of healthcare, from the controversial national debate over healthcare reform to the use of electronic medical records. He sheds light on all aspects of the healthcare delivery system and industry. He is a frequent guest on NBC’s “Today Show,” CNN, Fox News Channel and several syndicated talk shows.

Mr. Rubin’s distinct voice on healthcare also can be heard weekly on his Sirius Satellite/XM radio show, “HealthCare Connect,” during which he helps his audience navigate and understand our complex healthcare/health insurance industry. On “HealthCare Connect,” Mr. Rubin addresses listeners’ calls and emails regarding the choosing and managing of health insurance coverage, understanding medical claims, co-pays and deductibles, networks, partial coverage, referrals and accessing the healthcare system. Guests on his show have included United States Senators, news anchors and healthcare industry leaders.

For the past 12 years, Mr. Rubin has served as Vice President for Medical Center Clinical Affairs and Affiliates for NYU Langone Medical Center. Formerly the youngest dean at the NYU School of Medicine, Mr. Rubin is operationally responsible for the NYU Langone Medical Center physician organization (Faculty Group Practice), overseeing more than 1100 physicians and a budget of more than three quarters of a billion dollars. Additionally, he oversees the NYU Affiliation contracts with the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation, as well as several ambulatory divisions of NYU Langone Medical Center.

Prior to joining NYU Langone Medical Center, Mr. Rubin was a manager in the Healthcare Consulting Division of Price Waterhouse. He received a bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College and a master’s degree in health administration from Tulane University.

Allison Vogel

Vice President of Managed Care at NYU Langone Medical Center,
of HealthCare Connect on Sirius Satellite /XM Radio

Allison Vogel brings her unique insurance oriented perspective to the team. Her 13 year career spans numerous aspects of the healthcare delivery system including many years as an insurance executive.

Allison began her career assisting Medicaid recipients who suffered traumatic brain injuries. She went on to expand her knowledge of the ever-changing delivery of healthcare by working for regional and national managed care plans negotiating contracts with hospital systems, physician practices and ancillary providers. She assisted those same providers through the managed care maze, often helping them manage their own relationships within the confines of the medical management and claims departments. This was a challenging task as the dynamics between hospitals, doctors and insurance companies became more and more complex over time.

Allison is currently Vice President of Managed Care at NYU Langone Medical Center. In this role she has taken on the task of managing the financial and operational relationships between the approximately 850 employed physicians of the Faculty Practice of NYU Langone Medical Center and the insurance carriers with whom they do business. She can be heard discussing the raging debate on healthcare reform as well as answering all callers’ questions as co-host of Healthcare Connect on Doctor Radio, SiriusXM 81.

Allison received her BA in Political Science from State University of New York, College at Oswego and went on to earn her Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration from Hofstra University. Allison and her husband Jim reside on Long Island, New York with their three children Matthew, Zoe and Logan.

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