This is a big step forward for the healthcare delivery system in this country.  The rhetoric in Washington is out of control.  I have been called a liberal (which is completely untrue) and the point of reform is being lost.  I work for a major US medical center, my dad is a physician, and I host my own radio show.  I understand the current healthcare system.  I make my living in the current system.  It would be very easy for me to say reform is all wrong and we should not have passed this bill.  Except for one thing, it’s not true.  We are going to fix what is broken with this system.  By now, many of you know what is going to happen in both the short term (pre-2014) and long term (post 2014).  We were all vulnerable under the old system.  Today, America moved one step forward in making sure we all have protection in the event we get sick, lose our job, or just plain cannot afford healthcare insurance.   Yes, more taxes on those making $200,000 (individuals) and $250,000 (families).  It’s the unpleasant truth.  Between higher taxes and costs controls, it’s the only way to protect everyone.  Stay tuned for more information.

Join me on Tuesday at 10:00 am EST for a special healthcare connect and again on Thursday at my regular time on Sirius 114/XM 119 from 12-2 pm (EST) where I will answer all your questions on what is really included in this bill and dispel the myths.  If you do not like and or agree with the reforms, call in to 877-NYU-DOCS (877-698-3627) and let’s have a healthy discussion about the issues and NOT THE POLITICS.


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